The Story of Sackett Farm

History of the Land & Fond Memories

It was in the early 1800’s that my ancestors made their way to Ohio from the East. They first settled in Orange Township and then acquired the land in Berlin Township in Delaware County, Ohio as payment for services rendered in the Revolutionary War. At one point the family managed over three hundred acres, but now 180 years later there are only about 75 acres left of the original amount. 

This land is mostly flat with a gentle rise to the south west where family lore says the original cabin was built. Today the main house structure sits among maples, oaks and pines that are well over 100 years old. It was built in the mid 1800’s. It has served as a safe harbor for family and friends throughout its existence, and the land was actually referred to as “Sackett’s Harbor” by older generations. 

I spent many wonderful moments of my childhood visiting the grandparents who used the farm as their summer home while spending their winters in their cozy Michigan home in the woods. 

I remember Grandpa’s big vegetable garden, his collection of over 100 varieties of bearded iris and my grandmother’s expansive flower beds which contained roses, poppies, feverfew, comfrey and peonies. I still have some of the rose scented potpourri she made almost 40 years ago! To say these two influenced my love of nature and gardening would be a tremendous understatement.

We are the Stewards of this Land

The family roots are deep here in Delaware, Ohio. When I moved to Delaware from Dayton in the early 1990’s I lived at the farm. I was thrilled to return to Delaware having been the fifth generation to graduate from Ohio Wesleyan University which is here. I started my teaching career and filled my summers with garden fun which included a rose garden with over 30 varieties and lots of abundant flower beds and bouquet making. I worked at a garden center right after college, and continued to work at a local one here in Delaware for twenty years part-time while teaching to feed my plant habit.

While I was working at the garden center locally I met my friend and now business partner Jason. Talk about kindred spirits!! He is creative, spiritual, fun, a super plant geek, and a crystals expert. When I left public education five years ago little did I know that Jason and I would reconnect to give birth to a vision of Sackett Farm as an organic farm and creative spiritual retreat center.

We are both creative spiritual visionaries who believe in the power of intention coupled with action. While jumping into 70 acres of organic production is not our starting place, we will provide sustainably grown flowers, herbs and some market vegetables on a two acres plot starting in the spring  of 2020. What an auspicious year to get clarity about what we want to create!!! We attended and completed the Begin Farming program offered through OEFFA (Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association) in the winter of 2019.

The caretakers of Sackett Farm working in the field
Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association training logo

“I am a creative, a teacher, a transformational leader, an advocate, a deeply spiritual visionary and now a farmer. I believe in initiating positive ripple effects in a variety of ways. I am a dedicated lifelong learner who is curious about the future unfolding in miraculously beautiful ways. It is a thrill and a privilege for me to be back on this ancestral land to help it heal and be healing.”

~Amy Eiken

“Hard work (done well), knowledge and its applications and humility are my pillars in life. As a member of the Order of Light I find great value in spiritual healing and growth. I am enthralled with seeing what nature provides us without fuss from us. I am a curious, experiential, and deeply spiritual man. I am grateful to be able to provide wholesome and enriching products for the community.”

~Jason Lange

A Message For Our Community


Until it becomes more clear what life looks like with CoVID-19, we will offer items for sale online to the local area with either a pick up location or delivery (for an additional fee). These will be seasonal bouquets, terrariums, fairy gardens and our signature Intentional Bouquets! We know that once we are allowed to gather in person we will host a variety of classes and workshops on the farm. Fingers crossed as we plan for those as well!! 

How wonderful would a day in the country be????

We encourage you to get on our mailing list below so you can stay up-to-date on where we are in development, what are the latest flowers to be harvested, and how you can become involved in making Sackett Farm a cornerstone of Berlin Township’s vision for future growth.